Abstract. eHealth solutions such as digital patient engagement platforms (DPEPs) aim at enhancing communication and collaboration between patients and clinicians. From the clinicians’ viewpoint, concerns exist about new information systems (IS) leading to increased workload and interoperability problems. This article aims to support the development and implementation of DPEPs from the end-users’ perspective. We studied clinicians’ needs for a new DPEP developed to support home dialysis (HD) care. Eight clinicians participated in remote semi-structured interviews. Clinicians had positive expectations for the new DPEP as it could provide an overall picture of patients’ status, support patients’ self-care, and save time during patient visits. However, they had concerns about successful implementation, changes to workflows, and integration issues. To conclude, it is important to design and agree on changes in work practices, patient care, and complex IS environments when implementing new DPEP solutions in clinics.
Period8 Jul 202312 Jul 2023
Event titleWorld Congress on Medical and Health Informatics
Event typeConference
Conference number19
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  • clinical systems implementation, digital health, human-computer interaction, user-centered design methods, virtual care, and telehealth