Application for research project funding from EU Horizon 2020: Heritage4 project

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Antti Ahlava - Visitor

Alejandro Campos Uribe - Contributor

HERITAGE4 (H4) is a heritage and social innovation project aimed at fostering social inclusion and cohesion by enhancing
access to the heritage experience for groups at risk of exclusion through co-designed digital solutions. H4 proposes an
applied socially driven perspective to heritage research, envisaging a double transformation: on the one hand, taking
advantage of the 4th industrial revolution, to derive benefit from the massive upsurge of digital technologies in fostering
inclusiveness with regard to heritage and on the other hand directly involving targeted groups in co-design processes with
heritage, impact assessment, design and industrial experts. These experts are representative of the unique network of
excellence that lies behind H4: 12 leading heritage research, design, social innovation and art organizations and 4 cuttingedge
European creative SMEs from 11 EU countries.
Through 12 co-designed research-based case studies, H4 is proposing to develop tailor-made digital solutions to mitigate or
bypass difficulties of access to heritage experiences for 8 targeted groups at risk of exclusion. These actions range from the
co-design of acoustic and haptic interfaces allowing the visually impaired to interact with rock art, to digital toolkits to connect
elderly people’s personal memories with their surrounding historical landscape, to 3D visualization and guidelines for the
tourism management in European historic cities. This innovative and interdisciplinary co-design method will also benefit from
the strong creative input of 6 artistic and creative residencies, delving into the imaginary that underlies the case studies,
which will be showcased with the project’s outcomes in a final public exhibition. Moving from storytelling to story-sharing, H4
will foster social cohesion, empower decision-makers and incentivize creative business applications, highlighting the
potential of cultural heritage as a driver of human sustainable development and well-being.
15 Mar 2019


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Period01/01/2010 → …

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