Andréa Nunes Carvalho

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesHosting an academic visitor


Dr. Carvalho is a researcher at the National Institute of Technology in Brazil, where her research group develops solutions for the industry in the field of Operations Management. I wish to formally nominate her research project as a candidate for the 2018 AScI Visiting Researcher funding application. This project is an extension of her doctoral research project, defended in September 2015, under my co-advising. Her dissertation comprises the development of a robust optimization model and its practical application to solve a tactical capacity planning problem in a real-world multi-project organization. This work resulted in the publication of three articles in peer- reviewed journals.
As for the current research project, Dr. Carvalho is interested in embracing the Business Analytics field of research, more specifically by exploring data-driven optimization techniques to handle the increasing availability and variability of data within industrial contexts. The primary goal is to enhance decision-making process by better defining uncertainty parameter sets whenever data are available. Therefore, during this collaborative visit, a sensitivity analysis method should be proposed to identify relevant uncertain parameters and a data-driven robust formulation shall be developed for the studied problem. The expected outcomes are advancements of theoretical understanding of data-driven robust optimization in order to address capacity planning problems in real-world contexts as well as a publication about this work in a peer-reviewed journal.
Finally, this visit may represent the initiation of a collaborative international multi-institutional network, involving Aalto University, the National Institute of Technology (Brazil), the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and industrial organizations to develop knowledge, tools and approaches within this research field, bridging the theory-practice gap in this area.
PeriodAug 2018Sept 2018
Visiting fromInstituto Nacional de Tecnologia (Brazil)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionInternational