A Dream That Came True? In Transition Video installation at Virka Galleria

Rahaa , S. (Contributor)

Activity: Other activity typesOther expert tasks or merit


Title of exhibition : SILTA/BRDIGE
Virka Galleria, Helsinki, Pohjoisespalandi 11-13
Exhibition opening dates from 13.10.2017 - 25.2.2018
BRIDGE — Greetings from Two Republics

Title of the two-channel video:
A Dream That Came True? In Transition
2017 Duration 13 min
This project has been supported by Kone Foundation.

In Transition is a poetic and metaphorical approach in which concepts of identity,
migration, womanhood and dreams are intertwined through the act of knitting with an
indirect dialogue between two women who have never met. They try to self-position and to explore their roots and find the higher meaning of life. “In Transition” is produced along with other documentary-videos this year with participation of young women who grow up in Finland. One of the videos has been shown in another exhibition parallel to Virka Gallery’s exhibition and in Mältinranta gallery in Tampere and at Espoonsilta gallery in Espoonkeskus.

Photographs from the Hybrid Identity series 2017:
Hybrid Identity is a series that explores the hybrid identities of girls and women of Middle- Eastern origin who have taken up the challenge of establishing their lives and identities in Finland.
Period13 Oct 201725 Feb 2018
Degree of RecognitionNational